.dEwY. is the creative identity and moniker of myself, Jessica R. Doughty. I am an artist based in Long Island with focuses in fine art, graphic design, and illustration. I have received both my Bachelor (Graphic Design) and Master (Fine Art & Technology) of Fine Arts degrees at the New York Institute of Technology. The ultimate goal in my work is to have my unique aesthetic become a tool in improving the look and feel of life. I am a huge proponent of the vividness of color and the endless possibilities of its use. I am currently a freelancer that works with the athletic department of my alma mater, the East Coast Conference (www.eccsports.org), the Mother’s Club of Wheatley Heights (www.mothersclubofwheatleyheights.com), the Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Church, and other individuals and organizations. When I’m not trying to infiltrate my art into the world, I love enjoying music in any form (dancing, listening, concerts, singing, etc.), doing craft projects (knitting, crocheting, D.I.Y), watching indie flicks, and enjoying the company of my friends doing various activities.

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